Dilmana Dance Group, Copenhagen

Dilmana is an international group for Bulgarian and sometimes other inspiring Balkan dances. It was spontaneously created in 2010, and like all spontaneous events, it needed happening because for 9 years now it has been cooking tasty dances for hungry people looking for friendly atmosphere and rhythmic way of life. And this is not all.
Dilmana gathers amateurs and master chefs of bread and cakes and inspires them to show their mastery in what is already an annual charity bake off, helping talented young people and kids. And that is still not all. Every May Dilmana also organised the biggest, most colourful horo dance in Copenhagen. It celebrates the day of Slavic alphabet and culture as well as the beauty of Bulgarian folklore, the good weather and warm people, friends, colleagues, the whole nation. Many people take part in the horo dance, dance lovers from here, there and everywhere.

Regular rehearsals are of course also happening, both for fresh newbies and for the most experienced, every Sunday at Vesterbro during the winters and outside in Fælledparken during the summers. The smiley, positive Dilman-ers stress that everyone is welcome.

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