Maria Sapundzhieva

In 1992. He graduated from the National Academy of Sciences and Arts in the class of Professor Atanas Ilkov. She worked at the First Private Theater “La Strada”, in the Small City Theater “Behind the Canal”. There are numerous theatrical roles, including the plays Urbulesh Tragedy by Dusan Kovacevic, The Great Magic by Eduardo de Filippo, Tanya, Tanya by Olya Mukhina, Robbers by Friedrich Schiller, Romeo and Juliet by William Scheek . In 2000. entered the troupe of the Ivan Vazov National Theater. She is also popular with her participation in the comedy television show UFO Club. In 2010, starred in the popular comedy series “Full Madness” in the role of Mama Bozhka – the mother-eagle of the talented but self-loving footballer Joro Beckuma.
Nositel na slednite nagradi: Prez 1997g. Sapundzhieva poluchava nagradata na Sŭyuza na artistite v Bŭlgariya za rolyata si v „Tanya, Tanya“; Pred 2001g. „Askeer“ za poddŭrzhashta zhenska rolya v „Dekameron ili Krŭv i strast po Bokacho“; Prez 2010g. pecheli nagrada Ikar za glavna zhenska rolya v predstavlenieto „Moli Suini“ ot Braĭŭn Friŭl i rezhis’or Borislav Chakrinov. Mariya Sapundzhieva gostuva v Daniya s piesata “Mŭzhŭt na zhena mi”.
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