Lieutenant Benz
Lieutenant Benz

Lieutenant Benz

A play by Boyko Iliev

Starring: Ivaylo Zahariev ,Lubomir Kovatchev, Yoanna Boukovska

Yoana Bukovska, Ivaylo Zahariev and Lyubomir Kovachev are partnering in a wonderful performance of the novel by Dimitar Dimov. The main theme of the show is love itself. Dimitar Dimov’s first novel Lieutenant Benz tells the story of a dramatic love against the backdrop of the tragedy of war. With subtle psychology and mastery, Dimov creates a dark, unfamiliar side of human passions, a love that excites and ennobles, but might lead to self destruction. Lieutenant Benz is a German military doctor who falls in love with the intelligent and rich beauty of Bulgarian highlife Elena Petrasheva. However, his pure love faces insurmountable challenges that turn his life around.

The author is one of the first in Bulgarian literature to break down the clichés about the native and the foreign and even turn over their places, choosing as a main character a foreigner in Bulgaria in the last years of the First World War. Thus, Lieutenant Benz manages not only to show the Bulgarian reality, but also to go beyond the national and to become a universal psychological novel for the complex and contradictory human nature.

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