My wife’s husband

My wife’s husband

Comedy by Miro Gavran

Director: Marius Kurkinsky

With the participation of: Nencho Ilchev, Maria Sapundzhieva and Kiril Efremov

The audience witnessed a lot of laughter and philosophical reflection, a play by Marius Kurkinsky, in which the serious things of life were viewed from their funny side. It is a story of the survival of a woman abandoned as a child.

The main female role is entrusted to Maria Sapundzhieva, and the roles of the men who fight for her love are embodied by Kiril Efremov and Nencho Ilchev. It is they who will intrigue the scene, recreating with much humor even the most difficult moment of their existence in the work of one of the greatest Croatian playwrights.

According to director Marius Kurkinsky, the play cannot be called a comedy exactly, but the play turns it into one, seeking precisely the weirdest funny angle to things in life. A comedy in which the characters live in sin and become aware of it. Many insights are made, but they do not change. The title itself has a signal for an interesting, attractive, but dangerous existence. Is it possible for my wife to have a husband? Why come to such a “goofy” situation? Where are the reasons? In the political transition, in the difficult survival, in the secrets of love? Or because no one wants to peep into another’s soul ?!

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